The Panasonic GH3 & Leaked Video

It is finally Official! Thanks to a well placed “leak” (Video Below) the Panasonic GH3 makes it first apperance along with the reveal of some of its video capability. The successor to the critically acclaimed Panasonic GH2 learned alot from its predecessor. For a long time we were trying to rewrite the GH2 codec into the best Intra Avchd , all i-frame type pro matrix image we could squeeze out it with our hacks and patches. The GH3 learns a lot from these efforts and adopts a codec exactly like that! Well not exactly but its up there! Before i go on i really do want to say well done to Panasonic for taking a very capable camera and doing exactly the sort of thing we hoped you would with the update. It may very well be possible there wont be a need to hack this one.. yea its that good! That is not to say i wont be working on doing just that, i always want to get the most out of the hardware of course.

The GH3 comes with a 16 megapixel digital Live MOS sensor and a 1,700,000-dot OLED LVF with 100% frame coverage. The new codec is an All-I codec (that’s all interframes!) so it can now give us the intra quality we love without needing to hack it. It is now full intra and supported in 60p like we wished and in full 1080p resolution. I like the addition of time code but LOVE the addition of uncompressed HDMI out, FINALLY. Panasonic has also expanded the variable time recording options with 40 and 50 percent frame-rates. There is a new sensor, new autofocus system, new OLED LCD and EVF, with a host of new still and video features but completely new is the Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wi-Fi transmitter will allow photos to be transferred wirelessly from the camera to iOS and Android devices. A smartphone app can be used to control shooting settings perhaps even a remote bulb feature?

The body is als a weather sealed dust-and-splash proof magnesium alloy which pairs great with their new X series lenses and their weather proof features. Along with the many new features i am keen on the expanded dynamic range it promises with Panasonic’s most recent noise-reduction algorithms, and improvements in white balance which will allow for more accurate color, goodbye greenish tint? Auto-focusing speed has been improved to 0.07 seconds and the new sensor features low-pass filter that provides increased image sharpness, not that sharpness was ever a problem, i do hope it doesn’t get TOO clinical, which is what makes the video look become more pronounce. If you use old school lenses then you will be fine in this scenario, we will just have to wait and see on that one. I am curious how sharpness will effect the quality of the Grain, patches like Driftwood’s Senda comes to mind.

Leaked Video from panasonic

Panasonic GH3 Specs
• Price: $1299.99
• Sensor: 16-megapixel, micro four thirds (17.3 x 13.0 mm)
• Max ISO: 12800 (Standard)/ 25600 (expanded)
• Shutter Speed: 60-1/4,000 sec.; bulb
• Video: 1920 x 1080 60/50/30/24
• Max Drive: 6 frames-per-second at full resolution
• Screen: 614,000 3-inch touch LCD
• Storage: SD card slot
• Weight: 19.4 ounces

Key Improvements over the Panasonic GH2
• Weather sealed dust-and-splash proof magnesium alloy body
• Clean and uncompressed HDMI out
• 60p with an INTRA all i-frame codec! in 60p and 24p(the main reason we hack the GH2)
• Max ISO: now up to 25600 (expanded)
• Better Dynamic Range.

All in all a respectable update but i do have to say one of the biggest features of the GH2 was its wow factor video but in a body you can blow less than one grand on even with a kit lens. This will no longer be the case. Will hacked GH2 still compete with the GH3? If it had added in camera stabilization along with the updates i would be very pressed to update. I obviously will still check out and test the GH3 but its missing a few things i really wanted that would make it a clear choice over the GH2 video quality.

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  1. • Focus peaking
    • Clean and uncompressed HDMI out
    • 80Mbps bit rate now possible in 60p with an INTRA all i-frame codec! (the main reason we hack the GH2)

    For these three qualities, were you able to test the results of this? I have read that there is only all intra frames at 24,25p but not at 50 or 60p. Also I have read the lack of focus peaking in this camera on other websites, are you able to verify this. Lastly, I know many have said that it only recordss 4:2:0 from the hdmi, were you able to test and verify if it is 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 from hdmi out?

    Thank you for your help!

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      No i am sorry i only saw a gh3 briefly and it was with hdmi out to a monitor. Unless i actually try to capture to a hard drive etc i cant say i know the clean hdmi out is for sure for capturing to a hard drive, that i got from the specs ive seen. I will be updating this as page needed as i either spend more time with one to myself and hopefully run a real hands one test and do a video of it or it becomes official spec release.

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  3. So I am looking for something like this and I am weighing the hacked GH2, GH3, and G5. It seems like the GH3 is simply a bigger G5 with wifi, H.264, audio imput jack, weighs 220g more, and costs $600 more. The audio input jack is the only feature I would really miss with the G5. Any way to hard wire an external input jack? Too bad there is no focus peaking hack for the GH2 without an external screen. Is the extra $600 for the GH3 worth the focus peaking and audio jack?

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      The GH3 is just a bigger g5 with wifi??? you completely ignored the far superior video codec and different and better sensor. The G5 uses the same or very similar sensor as the GH2 did but the GH3 uses a new stage in technology. IS it worth it? The gh3 can handle the quality of the hacked GH2 but without a hack and added 60p capability. The GH3 is also broadcast quality out of the box which opens up the doors for the kind of work you can be hired for. Things like that are features sorely missing on the GH2. Is it better than a G5 yes that is without question, Is it better than a hacked GH2 ? If you don’t need dust and weather proof body and professional all i-frame codec with the option of 60p, then no stick with a hacked GH2. The other improvements don’t seem critical to me but i do wish i had those two. I will probably get a GH3, but that’s me since i do need the features they added with a professional in mind. The GH2 was a glorified consumer camera, as amazing as it was. The GH3 was built for professional video use in comparison and thus steps up its game in key areas because of it. Its officially past the just good enough for professional use of the GH2. The GH3 is indeed a better camera but i do think its overpriced for the features but not by too much. If must make a purchase today, hacked GH2 is a no brainer.

  4. Sorry and thanks for clarifying. As I said, I am looking to jump in again and I want to get the most milage for my money of course. I still use my Powershot Pro 1 and it is just getting old and slow. Of course it is my expectations that are increasing with technology. I am really disapointed that Canon seems to have lost interest in innovation in this segment. Glad others are picking it up.

    My plan is to buy at Christmas. Right now, for what I like to shoot I am hoping for the GH3 (hopefully closer to $1,100 by then) and the Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95 Micro 4/3 Nokton. I spent half of high school in the darkroom so I don’t mind manual focus. Now add focus peaking and I am very hopwful that this combo will last me another many years.

    I see all these nice cameras coming out in APC-C and M4/3 but I am very disappointed by the lack of wide AND bright lenses. Now if Voigtlander made a 8 or 10mm MFT hyperprime… THAT would be Christmas!

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      If they deliver on the rumored focus peaking its going to be the only camera you need for a long time! Its already at the gh2 hacked quality and i too primarily use manual focus and none native prime lenses. Focus peaking would be fantastic for my workflow vs the gh2. Its hard not to want the most bang for the buck especially with cameras like the Black Magic Design camera giving you WAY more than anyone expected at 3 grand.

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  6. You will benefit from using proxy media! Don't edit with the original as it will take allot of processing power. Using proxy media you are editing in "low" quality and its quick. When exporting switch back to original media and wait….

  7. I always edit the original quality/ files but proxy becomes useful in RAW and other heavy workloads for sure. I find my self built nerdy workstation is up to task =) got the latest processor and 32gigs of ram in there. Worst case senario when it gets sluggish due to heavy grading and effects i just play back at 50% quality and its fine.

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