The Best GH2 Intra-AVCHD Hack / Patches (Driftwood Patch Pack)

Example of a scene i shot & graded In After Effects using “Spanmybitchup v1″ A Driftwood Intra AVCHD


The above example illustrates an untouched “before” image which is a still frame from a video shot with the GH2. The second image illustrates the most basic advantage of patches, increased detail in shadows. This was shot using “Spanmybitchup v1″ A Driftwood Intra AVCHD patch which is the lowest quality of the intra patches. Notice how much detail was revealed when I pushed the shadows in that right background area. Before the patch was applied the codec had a bad habit of just throwing away the information in darker areas. Without the patch if you tried to brighten these darker areas in post it would reveal a kind of mush and not nearly as defined detail like it is now making it a useless gesture in attempting to increase latitude or pursing the look of film. Being able to capture more detail in the shadows and revealing it increases the perceived latitude we brings us much closer to the look of film which is the king in this respect. This is critical because it means we do not have to be afraid of losing all that data and can focus more on exposing for highlights knowing the shadows aren’t a total loss. The other advantage of the higher fidelity is color correction and grading is far more accurate and produces crisper and cleaner results than working with videos with less data in them.

When testing new patches, low light and shadow quality is one of the areas i focus on the most when determining how effective or high quality a patch is. After all more shadow detail basically equals more dynamic range. Recent advances have made it possible to make Intra-AVCHD level patches without the side effects of losing the ability to have automatic file spanning. I loaded an Intra-AVCHD Patch and set out to test it in low light. After shooting a low light scene i graded it in after effects with red giant colorista II color correction tools. I used Driftwood’s Patch “Spanmybitchup v1” to film the scene.

As you may have already guessed “Spanmybitchup v1” is designed for full spanning compatibility featuring files spanning correctly even on lower end cards. I highly recommend it because its the Intra-AVCHD patch that uses up the least data while keeping an excellent film like image. A 32gig SD card will run you approx 1hr with “Spanmybitchup v1”. That’s pretty good considering Intra-AVCHD is supposed to eat up data like crazy. Consider that under stock settings a 32gig card would have been able to record about 3 hours vs the now 1hr max with this Intra Patch.

Here is a low light example of a scene i shot & graded using Driftwood’s “Spanmybitchup v1”
(Different grading than the example above)

Actor: Cristian Paul

So that’s it. If you are looking to shoot professional footage, especially the most film like highest quality images you can squeeze out of the Panasonic GH2, then look no further! I bring to you The Driftwood patch pack featuring the best Intra-AVCHD patches. I haven’t had to design any patches or do any math since Driftwood entered the scene. THANK YOU! I have not made a single patch since the last ptool release. Kudos to all the excellent “Intra” Work.

Download The Driftwood Patch Pack What’s Included:
Sedna A Q20 High Detail matrix
Video Bitrate 24H=154000000 Megabits (27m09s)
Video Bitrate 24L=77000000 Megabits (53m58s)
Q20 is REALLY pushing the Quantisation to best levels without having to use AQ. Q20 Bitrate is measured to detail and will achieve in places AQ3 or AQ4 size bitrates without distorting Q so much as before.

Mysteron & Mysteron Burst : Top notch 24pH Intra setting with deblocking. 720p50/60 (GOP3/6) Workling and spanning. HBR / 1080i INTRA. Plus special burst mode setting of Mysteron giving 170M+ recordings and 900k Intra frame sizes at 5 secs hi detail, longer at less detail. Burst is not intended for always on or for normal use
Video Bitrate 24H=154000000 Megabits (27m09s)
ideo Bitrate 24L=77000000 Megabits (53m58s)
Mysteron Burst mode
very hi quality i frames for 5 secs
Video Bitrate 24H=176000000 Megabits (23m46s)
Video Bitrate 24L=77000000 Megabits (53m58s)

Quantum X ‘SpanMyBitchUp v2b’ For v1.1
Video Bitrate 24H=100000000 Megabits (41m40s)
Video Bitrate 24L=5000000 Megabits (1h41m)
The most compatable of the bunch for lower end cards but still offering intra level quality.

Recommended Cards for these patches.
I recommend the “Sandisk Extreme” series in general but particularly the 32 and 64 gig sizes. These two cards run at 45MBs which is well above the average patch. This is a solid investment in quality and performance especially for the price. Currently Amazon has the best prices on these. You really cant go wrong here way better than transcend and still very affordable.

I would recommend the 64gb extreme card above for the must have must buy for most high end patches. But for Really top notch patches like Mysteron BURST mode check out the “Sandisk extreme pro” series which run as fast as 95MBs. This 64 gig 95ms is a solid card for Mysteron BURST mode which is incredibly demanding on the cards write speed. Since you are shooting such a extreme bit rate with burst mode smaller cards will give very short recording times. This card not only supports the highest patches but also gives a better run time with it’s a 64gb capacity. It is however very expensive. This one below is for those really extreme settings you probably don’t use as often. Burst mode is amazing! but should still should rarely give you too much trouble with the extreme series above. If you find that it does take a look at the 95MBs Extreme pro card below.

For the latest and greatest things happening with the patches, hacks & much more! Check out The Panasonic GH2 Guide for Filmmakers

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  1. It seems that all your testings are based on SD card. Have you tried using external recorder such as Atomos Ninja? I have one Ninja but still considering whether to buy GH2 or not. Do you think that all the benefits are not going to be available if the footage is recorded on an external recorder?

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      The the highest intra patch sends near uncompressed image to the SD card. The hdmi out will not be as high quality because its in a weird wrapper making it only useful for viewing external monitors but not editing from.

  2. I know that the GH1 doesn’t have a live output, so recording to a Ninja wouldn’t be possible for that camera, but it appears that the GH2 does have that feature, would love to hear if someone has tested the external recorder

    1. Post

      Same answer as the person before you

      “The the highest intra patch sends near uncompressed image to the SD card. The hdmi out will not be as high quality because its in a weird wrapper making it only useful for viewing external monitors but not editing from.”

      Sorry guys, hdmi is sort of crippled.

  3. Sorry for this total n00b question, this is the first time I’ve done a firmware hack for the GH2. I followed all your fantastic instructions and loaded your driftwood patches but how do I know which patch I’m using on the GH2. I don’t know what the difference between FSH, FH, H, QVGA,VGA etc . . . other than the record times vary. Is there a table that refers to which hacks are associated with what acronym? Thanks and keep up the good work!

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      The patch and hack is for AVCHD mode ie Film mode, on the dial it is represented by the image of a cinema camera and the letter M next to it. Once in this mode on the dial of the camera, in the menu hit Cinema mode in the first option. That’s 24p AVCHD, the part the hack& patch is intended to effect. At this point you will be shooting in the settings you have loaded via my patch tutorial or hack instructions.

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  4. Hey Osgondar, thanks for your great work.

    After I install the hack. Do I need to keep the hack files on each of my SD cards or can I wipe them off the root directory?


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      Of course not, if you keep it on the card its going to keep thinking you want to update, install it and that’s. It its installed now, no need to keep the files on the card.

  5. Great info! I have a simple question and sorry if I’ve missed it somewhere. Can any of the GH2 hacks force the camera to shoot at 60p or 120p at low compression…anything above 24Mb/s? Thanks for any info.

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      At the moment i don’t think it can handle an intra patch at 60fps but its being worked on. I think it may be possible in the future but be aware that this will probably over heat the sensor a little and that could mean more grain, or noisier image. The high end patches give really clean noise though so it would not be hard to use a denoiser as long as you turn in camera denoising to as low as possible so its very clear and clean. I will let you know if any great strides are made in this area. The best patch right Seaquake and so far the camera doesn’t not handle it at 60fps. You can however get 60p in 720p with very nice detail at the moment.

  6. Hi! Thanks! I downloaded the hack pack. Pretty convenient!
    So is setb settings will automatically span on a class 10 sdcard?


    1. Post

      SpanMyBitchUp is sure to span on just about any card, the more intensive ones will require a higher quality card. Test to find out if your card makes the cut but i should warn you the cheaper the card the less likely it will handle the best patches.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for your great work and excellent communication.
    I’ve downloaded and tried the SpanMyBitchUp patch and while it looks great I found that i had trouble later on getting it into Final Cut Pro 7 and took a really long time to convert to Prores.
    So I ended up going back to a 42mb patch because it seems to be the best of both worlds in terms of quality, file size and efficiency.

    So my question is, is it possible to use the SpanMyBitchUp patch but lower the bitrate? Would that cause problems?

    Also, I love your idea to make a proper hack series how to. I think your communication is great and I think thats very important for a film maker – actually for everyone… but anyway
    can you recommend or discuss workflow using these higher bitrate patches in your new series

    Thanks a lot and regards


    1. Post

      I am adding a chapter on workflow to Please be patient or consider a contribution =)

      As for the bit rate it just wouldn’t be professional grade intra avchd any lower than that, its the lowest you can can it and still claim that. Its not even much higher than 42mbs but if you are having trouble then yea stick with 42. I shoot the 100mbs one exclusively and zero hiccups on Premiere Pro. I drop the mts right on the timeline and no trans coding to pro res i edit the original mts quality.

  8. 1- how do i load the SeaAqua, 176 mbs

    2- when i load the PTool v 3.63d and look under AVCcompression/Video bit rate 24H, i see 220mbs, if i enable that, does it mean my GH2 will work at that bit rate and is it safe ???

    3- Why is it mentioned that 176mbs is max when we can enter ANY bit rate we want, is this a hardware limit/safety of the GH2 ??? Thanks

    1. Post

      1- how do i load the SeaAqua, 176 mbs?
      -If you want to ignore the guide and ask questions i already answered please use different website. Put patches you want in the folder with ptool. Load the patch you want. Save firmware. put it on your sd card / gh2, push play to install….Simple. Next time READ THE GUIDE. what do you thing this post is about??? READ IT.

      2- when i load the PTool v 3.63d and look under AVCcompression/Video bit rate 24H, i see 220mbs, if i enable that, does it mean my GH2 will work at that bit rate and is it safe ???
      -Why are you messing with patcher settings? DONT TOUCH THEM, meant for PATCHERS not end user, if you dont know what you are doing, LOAD the setting provided, save firmware. That’s it. if you want to try other patches you can get them here . Its not as simple as putting in a number to make a patch especially at high bit-rates, its a lot of math and time to balance. don’t mess with things you don’t understand you’re just going to crash the camera. Load a patch, make a firmware, done. i repeat DO NOT mess with patcher settings, they are.. for.. Patchers.

      3- Why is it mentioned that 176mbs is max when we can enter ANY bit rate we want, is this a hardware limit/safety of the GH2 ???
      -Where is that recommended? Its hard to balance patches higher that 200 and often crashes the camera within seconds, its not impossible either. you want to try it? great BUT my guide NEVER suggested you mess with patcher settings, do so at your own risk. You dont just put in a bit rate you have to put in frame buffer values and mess with a lot of settings to make that bit rate work. Again. I DONT recommend it. This guide is to teach you how to hack the firmware, and apply patches, and i provided one of the highest quality patches for you. IT doesn’t get much better than the intra patches i linked you too in the first reply as well. Don’t be careless with your camera.

  9. ”If you want to ignore the guide and ask questions i already answered please use different website. Put patches you want in the folder with ptool. Load the patch you want. Save firmware. put it on your sd card / gh2, push play to install….Simple. Next time READ THE GUIDE. what do you thing this post is about??? READ IT.”

    Wow dude RELAX! the reason why i’m asking is because it was not very clear even AFTER i read the instructions, you said your patch is 100mbs and also mentioned that SeaAqu is even better at 176 mbs but the SeaAqu patch is nowhere to be found, therefore, my question.

    1. Post

      1. You are telling me that even after reading the step by step guide here : on how to apply a patch you still needed to ask me, “how do i load the SeaAqua, 176 mbs?” i cant imagine you actually read anything and as a result i was annoyed. Don’t comment til after you read the material ok? I annoy easy with the lazy ones, its a bad trait. If you actually read the guide this time this one : if you really read it this time or better yet pick up your camera and do it with the steps, you will know how to apply a patch in great detail. I tell you in that guide how to add the patches from this post too… the patches you cant find.. which brings us to…

      2. If you cant find the patches in the post above try to click on the words.. with your mouse. Click on where it says “The Driftwood Patch Pack” right above the list of patches CLICK IT. Can you find them now??

  10. Hi thank you so much for your work. I was wondering if you could do a before an after video, It would be interesting to see the video you have up as a before & after like the photos you posted. Either way its ok if not, i am shooting “AQuamotion v2” for now. Its even better than the quality in the video right?

    1. Post

      YES, AQuamotion v2 is better than “SpanMyBitchUp” as indicated on the list, and by the run times i posted. More data, more quality. However unless you plan to go to the big screen you will do fine with either for the internet or most screens.

      I can do a video for you but i already have a few requests i’m working on for the guide here : , please be patient.

    1. Post

      Your low reading comprehension never seizes to amaze me. The answer to your question is SeAQuake as made very apparent by the post above and my answers to other comments… Just like all of your other questions TAKE THE TIME TO READ things how many times well i have to tell you? i’m going to start ignoring you..

  11. Anyone here using the GH2 for big screen or VFX. Finally, jJust got around testing the different hack today. Even with at the highest bit rate, i find it not really usable for anything but the internet and mobile devices. Gradients look horrible, the GH2 is quite grainy in general and very contrasty and saturated even with all settings dialed down, for example Smooth with all settings at -2. I guess no matter how you hack it it’s still 4:2:0. Anyways, love to hear from people who have actually used the GH2 for broadcast and/or big screen.

    1. Post

      That is simply not true, i have shown work from older cameras like the DVX on the big screen. They weren’t clapping at the end cause of the smooth gradients! You need to focus on good camera work and your post production skills. Although really what the audience will focus on is story and acting so don’t forget that part.

      The fact is that the GH2 even stock exceeds the quality of a lot films that made to the big screen. Shooting Smooth everything -2 is to get the flattest image possible. In other words YOU HAVE TO GRADE IN POST and is ugly otherwise. This is not the setting for you if you just want to point and shoot and that’s it. You have to spend time in post especially for the flat setting, ever work with a red camera? even flatter and unattractive but so beautiful once graded… If you are not doing any post production stick to other profiles like dynamic or cinema. The GH2 has been used in broadcast production plenty actually

      Examples: (ill post more at some point) (collection of cbs promos) (an old favorite from early hacks, iso too high for a film you would want controlled lighting but even still it’s a clean image for 1000 iso range which is too high imo. This Begs the question, What the hell are you shooting? everything automatic? 3,200? 12,000 iso? Are you in creative movie mode, cinema, sooth minus -2? This one was raw footage…) (A color grading example, i personally don’t like the ultra vibrant contrast look kind of like old reversal 16mm film exaggerated. Note its gh1 not gh2, no where near the quality of intra avchd patches but just to show you where color grading can take an image)

      If you are not getting professional results then you need to improve, the camera is already well beyond the lower end of requirements needed for professional use and well exceeds with intra patches for broadcast or film wise. The grain in the high data patches is SO CLEAN! i love it, very easy to remove it or keep it since its not muddy its sharp and almost resembles film grain. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the first to rely solely on a camera to pull them through. Judging on how you keep asking questions that are already obvious in the posts that no one else asks. I KNOW its you. Stick to no higher than 800 iso and learn some lightning, and learn to grade images in post. Have you ever been on a film set? You are absolutely right on the limitations of 420 color vs 422 making gradients not smooth however that will never ever make or break a film.

  12. First of all, let me make something clear, i am PURELY talking about technical stuff here and NOT content. We all know that the story/content is king, has always been and will always be. But bringing up arguments like ”They weren’t clapping at the end cause of the smooth gradients! ” is like you’re totally missing the point. Again i’m simply bringing up some shortcomings as i see them.

    Btw, i work as a mixer and online editor. I work on independent films and of commercials and i’m intimately familiar with FCP, Avid and Smoke, so don’t worry my friend, i have a pretty good idea about QUALITY when i see it.

    Just for your info, i tried the GH2 solely in manual, tried most profile with different ISO settings. The GH2 is grainy in general, even at 160!!! and above 800 forget about it. Shutter usually 2x the frame rate !! Did this under all kinds of lighting condition and everything from hand held, tripod to full Zacuto rig with follow focus…,the whole enchilada. Also tested the stills side by doing some time lapse.

    No matter what profile you use and how you grade it in post, it simply does not hold it on the big screen. There’s a lot more to it than simply boosting the bit rate. All the clips/examples you showed reflect this reality.

    Your before / after example at the top of the page, if anything the after actually look almost worse to me, you took out some of the reddish tint/saturation and brought up the shadows which makes the grains and noises much more noticeable. You might find the grain/noises aesthetically pleasing, but having worked with film on a daily basis, to me, it’s just ugly digital artifacts/noises.

    The CBS 6 news Vimeo, damn just look at the guy’s blue jacket….looks like an army of ants dancing around…again way too much noises/crappy digital artifacts….i can go on but i think you get the point!

    Anyways, don’t take this personally as i crap all over your beloved GH2 🙂 i think it’s a decent cam for what it is. On a positive note, the whole DSLR revolution has been great. Especially for independent low budget filmaker.

    1. Post

      Shutter SHOULD be twice the frame rate for the film look that’s not a bad thing that’s a standard, Ideally at 48 but we don’t have that on the gh2 but pretty close with 50 have you worked a camera before?.

      Secondly if you don’t like the gh2 why keep visiting this blog? We all knew going in that its a 420 camera, not 422. No one ever said the hack would change that so as a result deal with that short coming hack or no hack. How is this a deal breaker NOW? don’t buy a none 422 camera if you cant live with it and how 420 looks. Scarlet is pretty cheap its 422, go there.

      Things like this are not relevant on a patch thread, you realize this? We are working on how to improve what CAN be improved heck if i could change the sensor, mics, 422 color and other things pfft but this is not the thread for it. If you have nothing to contribute but instead are constantly asking questions i answered in posts and comments already + complaining about hardware short comings we cant improve with PATCHES, as this is the patch thread. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? If don’t know how to make a better patch than what i have up there and nothing else to contribute but these off topic ramblings. i have nothing more to say to you. Except maybe that you are dead wrong on whether or not you can make a film with this camera.

      I JUST showed a film on the 10th on the big screen shot with the GH2 and a Cannon (i forget what the cannon guy was using) I of course shot with my GH2. Everyone was happy, no one complained about video quality and here is the review for the film from the huffington post and other links.

      Huffington Post Review:

      And The official page here for the film here:

      Imdb page: started)

      Notice how positive the review is for having been shot on what you consider a camera not worthy for the big screen. I’ll keep making films with my gh2 and you can complain its not good enough for that and not make any films but complain instead claiming that you can’t do it, that its not good enough. If you want to have this discussion some more ill accept a private message. Not on this thread and this post, i don’t think it needs back and forth arguing, its not helping anyone but our egos. This is a place for patches and improving what CAN be improved. You are entitled to your opinion, i respect that, and i disagree with you that you cant make films with the GH2 for the big screen because i keep doing JUST THAT, i just showed one a few days ago and i plan to do it again, The above film wont be my last.

  13. Nice website! Thanks for all the great patch information. I’ve been shooting with a Canon but have a new GH2 coming next week. Your footage looks great!

    1. Post

      Thank You! Be sure to come back i try to work on my site as often as possible. Also if you are new the the GH2 be sure to check out the guide i wrote, link is the left column.

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  15. I have been unable to load your hack onto my GH2 – it does not register the presence of new software. I have tried on several PCs and a Mac (using windows). The GH2 was purchased just before Xmas and has up to date firmware on it.

    1. Post
  16. I’ve just successfully installed the hack to my Gh2. I loaded 2 hacks (b & f) on the card and I’m wondering — how do I change between the two on the camera? Like if I wanted to shoot higher bitrate for one scene and a lower bitrate for another. Or am I only able to use one hack at a time? Thanks!

    1. Post

      which ever you loaded last was the settings you saved… You don’t load TWO of anything. Basically you loaded.. chocolate, then you loaded vanilla and then you saved the firmware. You have…. Vanilla settings. I never said you could combine patches. Pick the patch you want to use. Load it. SAVE. now you are shooting with those settings.

  17. Hi there, thanks for the very useful information on your website. I’ve just tried to download your driftwood patch file, but the link doesn’t seem to work anymore. Could you redirect me? Cheers, E.

    1. Post

      Sorry about that it will be down for a few more days i’m working out a big update to everything due to new advances. thank you for your patience, it will be live again this week.

  18. This is the best, most organized place for patches and gh2 related stuff… It really is… I really appreciate your efforts here.

    When I want to relax from reading’s patches discussion I come here and feel much better!

    Quick question: What does 80% slowdown exactly mean? I’m kind of confused about it. On the personal-view site driftwood says its “80% slowdown is pure INTRA at 30fps roughly. However, that mode does not record audio. People use it for effects.”

    Which confused me even more since i thought AQuamotion v2 is already INTRA… I am lost!!!

    Last question, it says AQuamotion v2 has ex-tele… so the other patches do not support ex-tele?

    Thanks! Appreciate your work and hope I can see a screening of your film soon!

    1. Post

      Do not double post.. i just answered this similar post that you left under the guide. Why would you want me to repeat myself like that. Patching like i said is a process and getting those feature to work with intra quality as you can already perceive … they didn’t work before. Now those feature do.. So hes saying now it supports tele, now supports 80% speed etc etc. AND you still get intra goodness. pure intra w.e wording he chose. Its the intra you want and it can now support those features.. woot. there is nothing confusing about it. “i thought AQuamotion v2 is already INTRA… I am lost!!!” WAS AND IT STILL IS!! but better.. for patching in the features he mentioned while not sacrificing the intra.. I will repeat use your common sense.

      Also Play with variable speed mode to see what those do… its right there in the menu next to 24p cinema. If you dont know what it is.. well chose it. There 300% percent normal speed, 80% etc and also aquamotion v2 is outdated and will not be in the new patch pack being put up this weekend the new ptool update has a new set of patches, im still testing my favorite ones.

      1. Hi. Sorry. I did not mean to double post. I went back to the other page and thought the comment I put in here was not submitted. I did not realize this and the other page were different.
        I’m sorry.

        1. Post
  19. Can i keep 2 patches on 2 seperate sdhc 8gb sandisk cards and swap between patches on the move? Hope my question comes across clear enough. Total noob to gh2 and patches. What patch would you recommend for good quality footage that will not eat up memory cards? Am travelling south east asia in late april for 10 weeks and would love to get some great footage to put together when im back. Off to read more of site so apologies if this has been asked before and ive missed it.Thanks

    1. Post

      i would not recommend that, firmware updates on the run can be risky not to mention you need a full battery to do it. I would recommend the patch in the new hack pack, see my guide, for the best quality vs run time. I’m still testing patches for the new patch pack but give the spanmybitchupv2 a try for now. The rest i will put in it are for high performance film like quality but not as friendly to run times let alone trying to use an 8gb! i would only run stock on something that tiny. You wont get more than a 5 to 8 min on that with the intra avchd patches..

      1. Sorry for my confusion, I am VERY new to this but have thoroughly read the instructions and posts. While I have been able to load the patches, my questions are around what I am accessing and how to access on camera.

        1. If I understand correctly, only ONE patch (e.g., spanmybitchup, Seaquake…) can be applied at a time, which is selected in ptools via the choice of letter and it’s associated description before saving the file with a “12” extension which I then move to a card. I think I am reading correctly that there are no other configurations to make in ptools. So, to change patches I might want to load a different patch onto different cards reserved solely for patch installation onto camera, and load them as needed while shooting? If in theory I wanted to revert to the stock settings, is it as simple as loading the file with the “11” extension?

        2. To access the patch on the camera, I believe I select camera icon on the dial, then choose cinema mode… done. My point of confusion – does this have any additional interactions from any selection from the menu or Q.Menu selections, where it seems there are quality choices there as well?

        3. I read the chapter on audio, but still not sure which patch to apply to access higher bit rates, and once I have, how do I know I am using the higher bit rates? Is there some indicator on the camera UI?

        Sorry for my basic questions, this is all new to me. Thanks for excellent guides and forum, it really helps and I would be lost without!!!

        1. Post

          1. No you have to make new firmware like when you patch but load no patches, Only select the version increment and nothing else, that will get you new stock firmware you can upgrade to. I cant imagine why you would have so many patches on you, patches improve and older ones are abandoned / not compatible with latest ptool. not to mention sea quake which you brought up is obsolete. There is zero reason for what you are doing. I cant imagine a scenario where i’m in the middle of a film or shoot and i want to suddenly change my patch so as to .. what? degrade quality all of the sudden? Improve quality all of the sudden? Why not just shoot in the quality you want for a project.

          2. You don’t access the patch in camera, the firmware is patched already, PERIOD you installed it and that is it. You turn the camera that’s it.. it runs on that firmware with those settings. you don’t turn a patch on and off in camera. Just like you don’t turn on your computer and once your in windows have to tell it ok, run windows. The patch effects the AVCHD cinema movie mode so that’s where you have to be to make use of the improved settings. Out side of selecting 24H or 24L there isn’t anything else that changes the patch quality or settings once you installed it. The firmware is what you made it to be. You don’t change it once installed.

          3. Its the same as with patching video, You know what settings you patched before installing them. There is no menu in camera that tells you “my hacked patch settings” … However you should know like i said in the chapter, if you patch audio you can lose preview video in camera. good indication. Also for video you know you are patched because on 32 gig card you get like 3hrs on stock.. but patched and it lowers the run time as the quality increases. so that a very obvious indicator.. less record time than stock.

  20. Thank you for the reply.I was just going to load the patch with the 8gb card then switch over to a class 10 32gb sandisk to save the footage but wont bother with the 2 patches now.ILl just try the patch u suggested.THanks again, great site.

    1. Post
  21. I get half lit up letters in ptool…. I've scoured forums to see if anyone else gets this half green light effect, but no answers 🙁 It does however show all the hack detail when I mouse over it. Tried saving, moving to SD card, and installing in camera- but get the lovely "No Valid Picture To Play". Any help would be amazing! Thank you.

  22. I've loaded sedona a into my GH2 with a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s size 32Gb. I attempt to capture hi-res, it records for 10 seconds and stops recording. Am I missing something? Does anyone know how to overcome this? Any suggestions

  23. That is not necessarily true as a general fact, all cards can span some patches however just don't span correctly with your camera etc. Sedna Should… its irrelevant the size of the card, Spanning means it records indefinitely but files are split into 4 gig intervals as is the format limit. In other words you can record an hour straight but when you look at the card you will have a few files for that one hour.

  24. James Daniel Pauly IV You are implying incorrect information to Guy Monroe. Spanning means it records indefinitely but files are split into x gig intervals as is the format limit, in most cases 4gigs. In other words you can record an hour straight but when you look at the card you will have a few files for that one hour each of the format limit of 4 gigs. That is what spanning is. As a result its completely irrelevant what the size of the card is. Spanning will still occur until you fill it up. you can shoot 3 hrs straight, spanning means it wont stop filming each time it hits the limit of 4 gigs, it just starts a new file recording seamlessly. Card size is irrelevant to this process it will happen in any card size.

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  26. Apparently I'm using the "Mysteron Burst" mode, and have been for months now (176Mbit/s AVC-Intra) and for whatever reason, I can record for an unlimited amount of time (No 5s limit). My cards aren't all that good either, so I don't know what's going on but I use a Transcend 32GB Class 10.

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    1. Post
  28. Technically Burst mode can run for longer but it greatly reduces its epic rate from the first few seconds. The burst section is not sustained through out the recording length if you shoot for longer than the recommended amount.

  29. Thanks so much for your GH2 post. life saver for me. I am a novice and do not understand much of the tech stuff. Which patch would you recommend as the multipurpose patch? Here is what I use it all for There are 4 patch options in the zip folder A F I J, which would be the best fit for my needs?

    Thanks so much for your time.

  30. Hey OSGondar,

    Awesome site. I greatly appreciate the amount of detail you give on this site as well as to others. Too bad not all sites are like this.

    I apologize for this being a noob question as well as if this has already been answered before, but I had a question about the Sedna & Mysteron patch. I noticed the 24H and 24L are the same with the two, the description about the two patches I’m not familiar with. Are there things that one patch does better than the other or does one patch have different look to it? I just ordered the GH2 with a SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro and I’m hoping that’ll do the trick. Thanks again for the awesome site.

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  32. Hey again,

    I just got my GH2 and everything is working great. I though it may be useful to post the recording time for those interested in getting the right SD card. All of these numbers are based on a SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB card.

    Sedna – 24H(27m09s) 24L(53m58s)
    Mysteron – 24H(27m09s) 24L(53m58s)
    Mysteron Burst – 24H(23m46s) 24L(53m58s)
    Quantum X – 24H(41m40s) 24L(11h41m)

    Hope this has been helpful for those still on the fence to get the right SD card.

    1. Post

      I had the times up for the last batch of patches but didn’t update with the new patch pack. You saved me the trouble. I appreciate it. Thank You !! for quantum X you dont mean 11 hrs right? lol

    1. Post

      You should let it run through just to see how much it really is. I cant imagine why it would say that.

  33. Hey again Orlando,

    Is there a way to set the GH2 so it can film for more than 4 gigs in one take? Or is that how the SD cards work? Thanks always for the help.

    1. Post

      Unfortunately that is the format limit, no fault of the GH2. This is generally true of all SD cards as well unless you use a different file system. SD cards formatted for a camera or in camera are going to be fat32 and 4 gigs is the max file size. You can still record infinitely but every 4gigs it will cut the file in a new one, it will still play seamlessly when editing so its a none issue really.

  34. Thanks so much for this great GH2 hack guide. I just got the GH2 last week and I am yet to use any hack on it. Please what good hack can I use with the Sandisk Extreme pro 64gb 45mbs card?

  35. Hi there I wanted to ask what the full features of the Quantum X ‘SpanMyBitchUp v2b’ For v1.1 are?

    I know you have said it records at Video Bitrate 24H=100000000 Megabits (41m40s).
    and Video Bitrate 24L=5000000 Megabits (1h41m).

    Is this only in the Cinema 24p setting?
    Does it increase the bitrate for other settings aswell, such as Manual Movie mode at 720p and 1080i?

    Would apprecitae the help. Amazing site buy the way. Very helpfull!

  36. First, thanks for explaining all these details about the hack and patches so well.
    I’m interested in how you managed to arrive at the quality of you example video above.
    It seems to me that the gh2 produces a lot of noise in darker areas of the image. I installed the patches you mentioned; first I used Quantum X and then Sedna. In both cases the noise level stayed incredibly bad. I shot everything with ISO400 and smooth -2,-2,-2,-2 or nostalgic -2,-2,-2,-2. What did you use in your example? It would be really nice to compare to your original footage as it came from the camera.

    Did you somehow reduce the noise in your initial footage during post? Did you use some noise reduction software like neat video? Is the noise reduced due to the particular color grading you used? Or is it just the compression at the end that does the trick by turning all the noise into mush?

    I’ve got some example to show what I mean:
    The black clothing of the people in the front of the scene are extremely noisy (in particular that of the guy in the middle). That’s really ugly colored grain. Looks like video.
    When I upload it to vimeo and they compress it the noise is mushed and what remains is some artifacts: bigger surfaces of different luminance levels that move and flicker sometimes (like banding). That’s still ugly:
    The same thing happened in this example:
    Have a look at the edge of the table. The grain was heavy before the compression and was turned into artifacts.
    What interests me the most is if you encountered things like these as well. May be it’s just my camera that produces this heavy noise.

  37. Hi Orlando, I really appreciate all the information you have made available for GH2 users. I know this is a dumb question, and I have read all the documentation on your site and another GH2 expert site and I'm still not understanding where I can see a list of the patches, what each one does, and whether these patches can run simultaneously on the GH2, or if some of them are mutually exclusive.

    In other words, should I only load one into PTool at a time, or can some run together? PTool doesn't provide a clear way to understand which settings are controlled by each of the patches when they are loaded.

    Again, My apologies if these are very basic questions, but I'm not finding a basic explanation of how PTool manages each of these patches, and what each one does. Thanks again for your awesome GH2 content!

  38. Orlando S. Gondar I've been looking all over Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalyspe Now' – 6 GOP Nebula '444 Sharp2' variation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that hack included within the Driftwood Patch Pack by OSG Films??

  39. Apreciado Orlando ha pasado un tiempo de la publicación de este hack. Yo tengo el Vitaliy a 42MB y la Extreme Pro 64 a 95MB/s, quisiera saber qué me recomiendas para mejorar la calidad, debido a que hay nuevos hacks. Igualmente saber si es necesario quitar el hack que tengo para regresar al modo original y luego hackear a una versión actual que sea conveniente.

    Por tu tiempo y dedicación te anticipo mi gratitud.

    1. Post

      No tienes que regresar a normal para probar otro hack. Solo instala el nuevo firmware para cambiarlo… no instales normal y despues hack otra ves, simplemente el firmware que quieres…
      No pruebo todo los hacks. Ya tengo el hack que me da la imagen que quiero y me gusta para mi trabajo con resultados profesionales.
      En ese caso es como escojer mi cinta preferible para mi camara tradicional. Ya tengo todo lo que quiero con este “Driftwood Cluster v7 ‘Apocalyspe Now’ – 6 GOP Nebula ‘444 Sharp2’ variation”

  40. Daniel Lee Troxell No that patch is Not included in the above list…, it does specify in the post what is included, please read the post next time? Its there to help you and ANSWERS your questions. Along with videos etc. Absorb the information before asking questions please. Would you like me to email this specific patch to you?

    "OSGFilms" is treated as one word please, Thank You =)

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  42. Hey great info! Im about to do the hack. And wanted to know, why is the Mysteron Burst Mode “not intended for always on or normal use” ? Is it because of crashing issues? How often should one use that hack? And would the regular Mysteron be better for day to day use? Thanks!

    1. Post

      Mainly because you might get write issues and the burst data rate not sustained through out the recording, it slows down in mbs after the first 10 to 15 seconds and can vary quite a bit through out. So yes it a matter of SD card compatibility and over all performance not being consistent.

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