Hikashu (ヒカシュー) live at Pianos, NYC

Hikashu (ヒカシュー)

is a famous Japanese ensemble, renowned in the underground “avant-pop” scene. They are led by pseudo-Kabuki vocalist, Makigami Koichi, and are known for their highly experimental music. Most notably you don’t often see anyone with real mastery over theramine that often. At least not in such a fun way. I recall my first real intrigue with the instrument thanks to my love of Led Zeppelin and Jimmy’s ingenuity with it. I filmed the following videos during their performance at Pianos in New York City on May 24, 2013. It was my friends birthday so i promised to get this up, Happy Birthday Kyle…

Hikashu (ヒカシュー) live at Pianos, NYC 1of2

Hikashu (ヒカシュー) live at Pianos, NYC 2of2

Koichi Makigami (巻上 公一) – voice, bass, cornet, theremin
Freeman Mita (三田 超人) – guitar, sampler
Masami Sakaide (坂出 雅海) – bass, laptop computer
Kazuto Shimizu (清水 一登) – piano, bass clarinet
Masaharu Sato (佐藤 正治) – percussion, drams, effect voice

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