Rhino Slider Review – The most affordable flexible slider yet

Inevitably along the way a producer or client is going ask you for a slider shot. Sliders are being used in every other reel and online video these days. They have become very popular but unfortunately they are very expensive for what many complain is a rather straight forward piece of equipment. Considering few of the best sliders are under $1,000 you have to wonder if it is even worth it. I think the answer if a resounding yes, especially now that the Rhino Slider has hit the scene. It offers the ability to do the same quality shots you have become accustomed to seeing in cinema and especially DSLR videos but it does it at less than half the price!

Kyle Hart started his company by launching a Kickstarter for the Rhino Steady, an affordable Steady Cam substitute and then following the success of that product with a Kickstarter for the Rhino Slider. Kyle Hart just got things up and running more efficiently with the dedicated website and product page but at first there was quite the wait for the first batch of products, this may or may not still be the case. Well, the wait is over. My buddy Derek just got his in the mail! Curious about this new product i grabbed my Panasonic GH3 and dropped by to take a quick look and review the new slider.

Construction Quality 9/10
Solid construction over all but some pieces show wear quicker than others especially the plastic ones.
The plastic pieces that cracked did so after only just a few uses encountering no abuse what so ever. Fortunately those were none essential pieces. Otherwise its a nice solid build with very smooth sliding. I will say that if you don’t go with the carbon rods you will experience some bending while you slide with a center mount configuration. That happens with center mounting but specifically because its a rod system.

Design 8/10
It can still be perfected but it is off to a fantastic start. One issue with the design was that the hardware that keeps the slider together unscrewed though regular use. Rhino Slider OSGFilmsLosing this piece means the slider will fall apart! The thread that keeps it in place is very shallow so keep an eye on it.

Ease of use 10/10
If you have ever used a slider before then you will notice it is as smooth (or smoother) than the competition. It is just as easy to set up and and offers professional results.

If your next purchase is your first slider then you simply cant go wrong here, especially on a budget. I look forward to what Kyle will come up with next.

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  1. INFORMATIVE! There is a typo here someplace…..'Well the wait is over and my buddy Derek because just got his in the mail! Curious about this new product I grabbed my GH3 and dropped by to get a quick look and review of it.'

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