DaVinci Resolve lite 8.2 Win7 beta

The DaVinci Resolve lite Beta has just been released for windows systems! This is a first and the beginning of an amazing new era. The full DaVinci Resolve release has also been retooled for full cross platform win7 and MacOS compatibility. The question is whether or not you need the full version considering all of the new features added and limitations removed from the upcoming DaVinci Resolve lite release. Go ahead and evaluate with the beta, i promise you will be pleasantly surprised!

With the new lite version Windows colorist can now save on the tools offered by the 30k version of DaVinci Resolve, especially since the lite version of DaVinci Resolve isnt very light at all. It is virtually the same product as the full version assuming your final output is 1080p or non cinema sizes. You can import Red and all of the big hitters at resolutions up to 5k and even though it wont output 5k so what! Cross comparability is the key word folks, have your NLE handle that part.

Key limitations of the software have been removed from the upcoming lite version allowing for a full experience of the software. Unlimited nodes for one is pretty huge since it was one of the key limitations keeping us from the flexibility of the full version. For the avid crowd It used to be that if you wanted Resolve to play DNxHD files or render out to DNxHD – you had to pay an extra $500 for the add-on that enabled DNxHD. This is no longer the case and DNxHD is also now a part of every install of DaVinci Resolve, paid and free versions!

Remaining Limitations:

-Render to SD and 1080p HD, nothing higher =(
Resolve Lite limits the frame size of your renders to 1080p or smaller. You can grade material such as 2K and 4K material even that 5k red footage you love, You just can’t have a project size render out to Cinema Sizes. For Cinema ready renders you still need the full version.
-Single GPU Card
-No Stereo 3D features
-No Noise Reduction
-No Multi-Resolve Features

So what are you waiting for? You can get the 8.2 beta for Win,Mac & Linux systems on the official site for a limited time. The Win7 release may have me drop my current RED GIANT colorista workflow, which i’m sure is going to be a big area of debate for many Widows based editors. You can still get it on their site right now and if it goes down i will host it myself so don’t worry, here is the latest Win 7 8.2 Beta =)

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  1. Hi! Have you tested the Resolve Lite out yet? How’s the stability? I tried it but it made my NLE (Edius 6) crash whenever I put AVI files on the timeline. Deisntalled and my NLE works perfect again.

    1. Post

      That’s strange, i have EDIUS as well but i don’t work it very much. I stick to Premiere Pro and after effects but i have had no issues with the beta i posted. I will have to give edius a shot but all in all it is a beta after all but report the bug! Its a fantastic free tool that can only get better.

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