Panasonic GH3 Guide CH.5 Essential Gear

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1. The Hybrid Mentality | 2.Whats new? wifi and more | 3.Choosing the right SD Card | 4.Choosing the right Lens | 5. Essential Gear | 6. The GH3 for Video & Filmmaking | 7. The GH3 for Photography | 8. Workflow for Film and Video | 9. Workflow for Photography | Conclusion

Panasonic GH3 Guide Ch.5 Essential Gear


Tripods will give you the most basic of shots. You can tilt, pan, or combine the two for a diagonal shot. In the video above we showed you a 504HD head on a pair basics sticks, or legs. The sticks can be had rather cheap but the head will cost you the most. The Price is $349.95 on average for the one in the video depending on where you get it. The Manfrotto 504HD Video Fluid Quick Release Head can supports up to 19 lbs.
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Shoulder Mounts

A huge advantage of a shoulder mount is that you can have a rail system and use matte boxes and pull focus on the go rather than mount all the stuff on a tripod. This gives you the support of a tripod but the ability to get action shots in which you follow a subject. The most affordable yet professional one i can think of is made by indieSystem. There are many affordable options in this category though, its certainly one of the most over manufactured. I
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If i had to own one and only one piece of equipment it would be a decent Steadicam. With a bit of practice you can mimic just about all of the other essential gear in this chapter. It is highly mobile allowing you to walk along a subject and still keep everything looking nice and steady. If you master the steadicam it may be all you ever need! It is by far my favorite piece of equipment. There are many choices in this area some of which are heavy and some lighter, some way over priced and some not so much. Its hard to recommend a steadicam because they are all so similar in results it comes down to personal preference a lot of the time, they all have their pros and cons..
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Sliders give you a very distinct shot which can look extremely professional and cinematic. You are bound to come across a client that wants you to do some sliding. I personally recommend the Rhino Slider for its price and versatility. You can do just about anything you expect from the ones that cost 2 grand and up but for under 500$. Its a quite the bargain! You can check out the Rhino Slider at Rhino Camera gear @ , and our video review of it here

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