Personal View meeting New York July 2013

The first New York meeting finally went down! It was great meeting some of you for a chat. I did my best to be a good host and arrange a decent group and indeed It was a nice group although we did have a small turn out. Perhaps since it was the first meeting many wanted to see how it would turn out first or i guess we are the shy type. Either way meeting members I have spoken with here on OSGFilms or Personal view was pretty fun. As far as my work here on osgfilms I found it very interesting to hear from some of my readers and get feedback in the flesh as opposed to comments. That was very rewarding and a first for me.

Due to popular demand here is an edit of the meeting. Sorry it took so long to put something up, I have been over worked these last couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience! I hope that the next meeting features a bigger group! It would be nice to meet more of you.

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