BMPCC with Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f/2.0

I am excited to have tested the Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f/2.0 with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera over the weekend. Especially since its another 12mm lens and its not easy to get wide on the pocket. Having shot with the SLR Magic 12mm Hyperprime I can safely say this may be the better fit on the pocket in comparison. Not just due to the size and shape but the look of it is better suited for it, at least in gray. The quality also seems to be a bit better than the Hyperprime but this needs a little more testing to confirm. At the moment I did spend a couple days with it and prepared my first impressions video below. Enjoy!

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  1. I watch the 12mm try test with the Blackmagic pocket
    The shot how look more cinematic for me it’s the Banjo player
    it’s a underground station or outside. It’s probably the light how give this effect look.In the shot we have a shift in the color particular the skin tone.In the restaurant i do not like the look.The lens it’s sharp we could read outside sign when you are in the train or subway.

    All the other shoot look like TV to me.

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      Hi Pierre thank you for the comments.

      The fact is that most of these shots show a graded and ungraded version at the same time. Halfway some of them switch over, Its not a color shift but an edit to show both. I should have made that obvious. sorry. I agree with musician being the most cinematic, you cant rule out the lighting. Of course it makes the difference. Other areas were light less favorably for a cinematic look but that’s ok. This is a first test with the combination. I will post a cinematic only video soon.

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      ? are you trying to get me to rent it? Im sorry but i am not interested. It looks like a regular 16mm camera, which I shot plenty of film with. If you do not have something interesting to share about the camera, linking me to a product is SPAM. Please refrain from advertising those comments which take advantage of my readers get filtered out automatically, well usually anyway..

  2. Hi there i am BMCC user:))how do you focus on 12mm 2.0 0lympus on Black magic?.
    I don’t know if I have a bad copy of the camera…. but it seems like my 12mm 2.0 oli is not working properly with my BMcc.

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      Um… dont you just turn the focus ring on the lens? Sounds a bit silly but thats all you normally have to do to focus a lens. The camera on the other hand does not have much of an auto focus ability. I focused manually, i always do so i cant speak for the camera on the auto focus in this case. I use manual control for everything. I think when you hit the focus button it does a quick focus but it does not continuously search as an always on feature like on other cameras. I do not have a pocket with me so i cant check for a few days. Hope you figure it out!

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