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Hello friends! Welcome to the page for my GH4 Guide Book.

As you may have guessed, just like I did for the Panasonic GH2 and the Panasonic GH3 , I am very happy to announce I will soon release a complete guide for the Panasonic GH4! I learned a lot from releasing a completely FREE guide book when I wrote the Panasonic GH2 guide(link) and I especially learned a lot when I tried a paid only GH3 Guide in an effort to support the site. So what I will be doing for the Panasonic GH4 guide is a FREE ! guide book, complete with media along with the text and images covering everything you could possibly want including taking requests as i go along. Each chapter will be free to view, but i will be including a premiuim video per chapter that covers the said chapter in more detail than already done in the text and images. These will be pay per view and optional. This way i can support my site and offer more projects to you for free and still offer the help and value i did with my last two guides. Its basically up to you if you want to support or not. Stay Tuned..

Coming Soon!

If you want to help “The Panasonic GH4 Guide book for filmmakers & Photographers” grow or send a thanks for helping you in the comments or other tutorials.. Please consider a contribution to help me help you and my readers…

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