Yoko Ono at Moma PS1 “Do It” 20yr Anniversary

I made it to the 20yr anniversary of “Do It” this past mothers day, mom understood it wasn’t everyday i could meet Yoko Ono and gave me a pass. Having followed Yoko Ono for some time now it was a pleasure to see her speak and later on meet her in person. Yoko was part of the exhibition at the “Do It” 20yr Anniversary at PS1 MOMA. When she took the stage she greeted us with a scream of varying pitches to introduce herself before she took a seat at the desk behind her. Yoko Ono spoke about ecology, the apocalypse and fracking for gas during her visit to PS1 Moma’s “Do it” 20 Year Anniversary. I managed to film a bit of it and you can watch in the video below.

“Do it” began in Paris in 1993 as a conversation between Obrist and artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier who were curious see what would happen if they started an exhibition that would never need to stop and could constantly generate new versions of itself. Obrist invited 12 artists to propose artworks based on written “scores” or instructions that can be openly interpreted every time they are presented. They were then translated into 9 different languages and circulated internationally as a book.

20 years later this new publication presents the history of this ambitious enterprise and gives new impetus to its future. It includes an archive of artists’ instructions, essays contextualizing do it, documentation from the history of the exhibition and instructions by 200 artists from all over the world selected by Obrist, among them Carl Andre, Jimmie Durham, Dan Graham, Yoko Ono, Christian Marclay and Rosemarie Trockel, including 60 new instructions from Matias Faldbakken, Theaster Gates, Sarah Lucas, David Lynch, Rivane Neuenschwander and Ai Weiwei, among many others.

May 12, 2013 marked the 20 year anniversary of “Do it” which coincided with Mothers day this year. Yoko Ono spent her Mothers Day with her fans at MoMa making the appearance that much more special, I wonder what Sean was up to.

“Everybody thinks a soldier needs courage, and its true, but artists do too. To be a true artist you really need courage” -Yoko Ono

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