Driftwood AQUAMOTION v2 CC & Patched Audio Test

One thing we never really do is rely on the on camera microphones for sound when it comes to making videos or films. Generally speaking on camera microphones are to be avoided like the plague if you care about your video or wish to have professional sound. Most of the time they are an after thought by the people that made your camera because what you really pay for is a good sensor and a decent image for your work. You almost always have to mic with a separate solution than use your DSLR for sound. That is until you hacked your GH2 and and realized just how much latitude the higher bitrate offers in post production.

Breakthroughs have been made in the audio area of hacking the Panasonic GH2 and as of now just about any patch you try will have incorporated an audio hack, or audio patch settings. Most patches incorporate audio settings by Per Lichtman and his team, “Pasadena Pulse” or better. I shot this video with “Driftwood’s AQuamotion version 2” and features nothing more than the on camera microphone for sound. Does the audio hold up to some editing? Can you push the on camera microphone to a usable solution? You can decide for yourself as Sima Cunningham sings to the on camera microphone. I color graded in Premier Pro CS6 and used some of the audio filters premiere provides. Audio was lightly touched up via a little treble and bass, and a hint of high-pass filter.
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Driftwood AQUAMOTION v2 Details

Decent recording times with sustained good quality inc slow motion across the board whilst EX TELE mode and/or 80% in 24p mode is employed.Now makes use of better encoder settings.NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR ‘seAQuake’ WHOSE QUALITY IS VERY GOOD. The absolute minimum INTRA patch, SPANmyBITCHup, gives longer recording times than AQUAMOTION.

SD_Card=Type 10 Most
Camera=GH2 v1.0E Driftwood
[Settings] Version increment=1
30min limit removal=Checked
Maximum ISO limit removal=Checked
PAL<->NTSC Menu=Checked
Video Bitrate 24H=100000000
Video Bitrate 24L=88000000
Video Bitrate FSH/SH=68000000
Video Bitrate FH/H=56000000
Auto Quantizer for 1080 modes=2 – More to details
Auto Quantizer for 720 modes=2 – More to details
720p50 GOP Size=1
720p60 GOP Size=3
1080i50 and 1080p24 GOP Size=1
1080i60 GOP Size=1
Encoder setting 1 720p=2
Encoder setting 2 720p=1
Encoder setting 3 720p=2
Encoder setting 4 720p=4
Encoder setting 1 1080i/p=2
Encoder setting 2 1080p=1
Encoder setting 3 1080p=2
Encoder setting 4 1080p=4
Encoder setting 2 1080i=1
Encoder setting 3 1080i=2
Encoder setting 4 1080i=4
Video buffer 24p=0x3600000
1080p24 Frame Limit=3688808
60fps Frame Limit=1088808
50fps Frame Limit=1308088

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  1. Orlando it’s Sima
    on the picture with the orange trench coat ?

    I know where i see this smile amazing
    Look again the Mona Lisa same smile but Sima got better eyes.

    Find a Artist painter and asking him to paint her like this.
    Then after you going to have the American Mona Lisa…

    Nice picture and nice color palette ! the picture came from the video shot or a single shot.

    1. Post

      That image with the orange coat is a photograph, a still image. The image at the very top of the page is from the video. Thank you very much for the comments I am sure she will be flattered abd i will let her know she has a fan hehe. However, I don’t need to find an artist painter, I AM PAINTER =) !

      If you have Facebook here is an image of me in the middle of a self portrait | https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=515515610595&set=t.17400674&type=3&theater

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