Panasonic GH3 Guide CH.2 What’s New?

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1. The Hybrid Mentality | 2.Whats new? wifi and more | 3.Choosing the right SD Card | 4.Choosing the right Lens | 5. Essential Gear | 6. The GH3 for Video & Filmmaking | 7. The GH3 for Photography | 8. Workflow for Film and Video | 9. Workflow for Photography | Conclusion

Panasonic GH3 Guide Ch.2 What’s New? Wifi & More

There a few new features added to the GH3 that should be noted in comparison to its processor. If this is your first GH Series camera then that is ok too, you may not be comparing it to the GH2 but these are still features you should know about and take advantage of. There have been improvements in high ISO detail and digital noise, better shadow detail, color reproduction white balance is more accurate over its predecessor. There are also a few new modes to speak of, many of which are covered in their respective chapters so here are a few examples of KEY highlights not covered elsewhere in the guide.

Weather Sealed.
I took the following photograph walking in the rain with a Panasonic GH3 and 20mm 1.7 lens, Nothing more.

The GH3 is now a weather sealed camera thanks to a new magnesium alloy body. That means the camera will pair well with available weather proof components such as weather proof SD cards and weather proof lenses to complete the effect. Whenever i shot my GH2 i usually did not use any weather oriented accessories, It held up ok but it was always a concern. With the GH3 however i am happy to push the camera more than ever before and capture images in rain or snow!

How to use the Wifi
You can now control the camera remotely! Using the WiFi Feature for remote control of the GH3 is simple.
Step 1. Turn on the GH3, Go to the menu item that looks like a wrench (not the custom wrench)
Step 2. On the first page of this menu, the fourth item should be Wi-Fi.
Step 3. Select WiFi Function
Step 4. Select New Connection
step 5. Choose Remote Shooting, Immediately after selecting this the camera will show you an SSID and a PassWord
Step 6. Download and install “Lumix Link” for Androids or Iphone, enable WIFI on your phone. Launch the app.
Step 7. Lumix link will search for wifi connections, select the SSD matching your GH3 and Enter the Password your GH3 gave you.
Step 8. You are set, at this point they can connect and you can see what the camera sees on your phone. Just play with the app, its a lot like working from the touch screen on the camera with a few differences in interface and usability.

– A huge con of the app in its current version is that there is a two minute recording limit on video!
– Also no live monitoring. Once you hit record you cant see what is going on and there is a 2 minute time limit .To stop the recording before the limit is up you have to walk to the camera and stop it manually.
-This app can come in very handy absolutely! Right now its kind of limited for what it should be able to do so make the best of it. For photo it basically does what it should but it is unfortunately very limited for video applications.

ISO Range and Performance
The noise is much cleaner than in the GH2 for the higher iso range. A nice touch for the GH3 is that you do not need a hack for extended iso.
For video i get 200 all the way up to 6400
For Photo i get 125 all the way up 25600, that is pretty insane. I shot film my whole life for photo and the highest iso i ever used with film was around 1600. I may have approached 2k on one shoot but 25,600 ? Its official, With the GH3 you can absolutely see in the dark. Of course the grain at 25k is not very usable but if you needed to see in the dark well there is always that…

Electronic Shutter
For photos, having the electronic shutter has the advantage of being silent since no mechanical shutter is moving, great for incognito photography. It does it have its cons however.
– It cannot be used with high ISO or a very slow shutter speed.
– The electronic shutter suffers from rolling shutter artifacts like the you see in fast moving video
– It does not work with a flash

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