Man of Steel Returns… again!

I am working on a Superman video in honor of the upcoming Man of Steel (see the trailer here). I am still in the modeling stages trying to figure out what do to about the Classic Superman VS the Modern look, struggling with the underwear or no Underwear debate. I want to keep the classic look and for the most part i like the Superman Returns costume except for how the cape was tucked into the neck. I love the way that was updated in the new Man of Steel but i am not a fan of the armor look. Superman is the only superhero that does not need any sort of armor and keeping elements of the Classic superman should be important in the update. For now i want to know what you guys think, should i keep the underwear or not? Your feedback will shape my Superman video and will effect the design choices as i move forward with this fun project. If you are wondering who the face belongs to.. its me! I always dreamed of directing superman or playing him so now i get to do both! However I am not an animator so I started learning Maya production just to pull this off, 3D animation.. here i come!

Flight test #1

I got around to teaching myself the ncloth and hair system so i can finally show you a preview of my city and some flight.

Classic Man of Steel flying into Metropolis.
Man of Steel in Metropolis
Modern Superman Contemplates the sunset.

Feb 1 2013 Update: Model is near finalized with simulated hair!
Man of Steel in Metropolis

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  1. @Vlad: superman is anti-mystery. we know shit about his past that he doesn't even know because he was a baby, he shoots lasers from his eyes, he basically has every power imaginable, and even when hes not superman, we can not beg the question of who he really is, because when hes not superman, hes clark kent. we basically know all there is to know about superman, there's nothing else to know because he is a stone of a man, that's why his arch nemesis is a stoney monster. cmon, seriously.

  2. no way. its not about how many accessories he has, or what you loved about him when you were 6 years old and barely knew how to read, and barely knew anything about fashion, its about LIGHTING and STYLE.

  3. But no other hero does that anymore! I think while i love classic superman, an update is due. I can make it cool with no underwear. Not like new movie, im thinking hint of a belt situation

  4. I think the new filme can be darker in terms of theme, and story. However Superman is best as a beacon of hope and not moody or dark in character, more like a shinning light of excellence.

  5. If your going to change things about superman, and if your going to take his underwear off (exception for superheros for wearing underwear overwear), then you have to change the logo sign, the color of the cape, and add some strips to the rest of his body…because otherwise taking off just one part of the body is just defacing the original art and not improving it really. My opinion. All in all, the advertising market is all fucked up. You ever watch the movie Branded? Minor changes, huge outcomes. If not for the point of the movie, the movie sucks otherwise. So I recommend you check it out.

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      I’m sorry but some changes are a must. I want to find a balance, update it but lean towards classic.

  6. I had assumed it was at the end of it! Seems i don't have to watch the hobbit to see it, maybe i can sneak in for the first couple minutes lol. Not that i mind the Tolkien books in general i just didn't plan on seeing hobbit yet but will be at the movies.

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