Man of Steel Flying in space, New Trailer

MAN OF STEEL trailer is here!

Man of Steel – Official Trailer #2

We finally get a good look a the new Man Of Steel! I am happy to say i accept the new look, Direction, Henry, and couldn’t be more excited! I was concerned for the changes to his character being too much, but the rumors of this being too dark or a gritty take on the legend don’t seem to hold true. It is simply a more realistic take on what is still largely a fantasy.

A naturalistic approach is indeed going to be darker than the classic lighthearted Superman films, but that is ok! So he is being grounded in our own reality for a change, i accept that and It is actually pretty awesome.

Trailer #2 ?

Issue: It looks to be the same as the comic-con trailer but considering i didn’t make that event, i’m glad i get to see this now. I previously only saw it as a bootleg on youtube. Even so i excepted to see new footage for the official releases of these full length trailers. Technically this is the Man of Steel – Official Trailer #2, which begs the question. Is there a trailer #1? If the comic-con is not trailer #1 then perhaps The Hobbit is going to be getting an exclusive, the Official Trailer #1. Only time will tell but that would make sense! Otherwise i am not sure why its numbered this way.

Animated Fan Film

OSGFilms is hard at work producing an animated fan film : Man Of Steel Returns… Again! Vote on my poll as i continue production on my Superman fan film. As it stands people are really embracing the new superman look. The current poll shows the fans like the new costume more than the original, as a result i will be animating the new look. I was getting ready to feature a teaser of my own but now i am all hyped for the studio film. I shall let that die down a little before showing you my teaser =) You can still see some preview images on the poll page.

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