Panasonic GH3 Guide CH.9 Workflow for Photography

In this chapter we will look at basic editing of RAW images and how to get the most out of them. First off before we can get into the workflow we need to decide on what program we will edit with. I highly recommend you go with Adobe’s Lightroom. It will help you catalog and manage your raw “negatives” and much more. Some of the best features include being able to save different snapshots of each photo. For example you may color grade a photo one way, save it as a snapshot. Then reset the raw image to and start again with creating a different look. You can then compare the snapshots before choosing what the best edit and still have the untouched original back to back. Besides the organization, Lightroom offers a wealth of tools to create professional images from your photography, Burn and doge yes… but so much more. I love this program for photography and i will show you in the video below my typical workflow.

Example 1 | The following image I took while walking around union square and didn’t get the chance to sit there getting the perfect shot due to running late. I wonder if and how we can salvage it.

Photography Workflow Video Eample 1 | Runtime 8min:47seconds


I hope you enjoyed the example video and I hope you learned something! =)

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