Panasonic GH3 Guide CH.8 Workflow for Video & Film

In this chapter we discuss the workflow for film and video but before we do that we need to chose an editor or NLE. Personally i think you can do no better than Adobe CS6 suite, the trifecta being adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects, & Adobe Audition. If you cut in adobe premiere you can right click on a video clip and bounce it to adobe audition and remaster your audio. Once its sounding nice and professional right click the clip again and bounce to after affects for special effects and that composition will update in your premiere timeline!! Its simply fantastic, i love it. You will too. For now I will approach Film and video workflow but from a premier, after effects, audition workflow. Imagine cutting a film professionally for under 50 bucks a month, i don’t see how you can go wrong. That is what is offered with the adobe cloud. I recommend it because it is cheap and gives access to very powerful tools. The following is a workflow and post production videos that will give you an idea of how to approach editing and get you up to speed editing your firs videos.

Basic Workflow for video

I hope you enjoyed the example video and I hope you learned something! =)

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