The Ultimate Panasonic GH3 Guide

Welcome to my Panasonic GH3 Guide, FOR FREE!!!
Follow the links below to view each chapter online @ or purchase the full guide as downloadable PDF to view offline, support the site, and learn at your leisure.

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The Ultimate Panasonic GH3 Guide Cover Page

Content (links to pages)

1. The Hybrid Mentality

2. Whats new? wifi and more

3. Choosing the right SD Card

4. Choosing the right Lens

5. Essential Gear

6. The GH3 for Video & Filmmaking:

7. The GH3 for Photography:

8. Workflow for Film and Video

9. Workflow for Photography


By Orlando S. Gondar
An Exclusive

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  2. Cheers Orlando, great work! Just read it and am ready to take on the world with my Gh3. Well done.


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      Thank You Travis! I am happy you enjoyed my book!

      If you have any more questions later on, do come back =) . I will be updating with more content in the coming weeks too.

  3. Hi Orlando, a friend of mine just bought a GH3 and is very much a beginner in relation to “dlsr” video shooting. Is this book geared towards the beginner or does it assume you have experience with the GH2, etc.?

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      Hi Laura
      Its pretty much to the point on the basics with a few intermediate video tutorials.I do make comparisons to the GH2 at times but only in mentioning what has changed vs the GH3. I talk from a “this is your first gh camera perspective”

      If you need more help or have more questions than what is in the guide i’m open to answering them right here on this post, that also part of the deal =) I am very responsive to your feedback and happy to help.

      1. Thank you for the quick response. I will recommend your book to my friend. I currently have a GH2 and am on the fence about whether to upgrade to the GH3 myself. Can you tell me if the EVF is really as bad as I’ve been reading on the internet? I’m interested in using it for both still and videos (mainly of my kids) and am wondering if it’s worth the extra money. Of course if I do upgrade, I will make sure to check out your book! Thanks!

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          In my opinion the GH3 is worth it! I LOVE it. I loved my GH2 as well but this is an upgrade in every single way. I also love that i can use it in any weather and it does well with spills and such being weather sealed. Video and photo quality is also a huge upgrade due to flatter profiles and more accurate color which mean a lot to me for both professional and casual filming. Thank You for referring me =) talk to you soon.

  4. Orlando,

    Am much more into photo than video. Does your new guidebook cover both?
    Also, if one purchases the guidebook can it be accessed from a tablet, laptop,
    smartphone, etc, or do you need multiple licenses?

    Thanks in advance and best wishes.


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      Hi, sorry about that but if you check again… recently with the latest update came the fully offline version which is now the new paid version and no longer embedded on the website. Its a full featured interactive pdf with the videos and everything else baked right into the pages. fully view able offline! i hope this fixes your issue =)

  5. Hi really good work with the site… is it possible to see a contents page so I have an idea what the guide contains? thx again for the info.

  6. I just bought this, i like it! I will say It’s good but it can still be amazing with more work, i look forward to the updates. There isn’t another book out there of this kind for the GH3 yet so that’s good. Also other guides charge more for updates so that’s a good move on your part. Love that they are included for free so ill def give you some feedback soon. We are just getting started with our own productions so this will still definitively help us. Soon we wont beginners anymore, look forward to see what you do with it.


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  7. I would be happy to purchase your guide if you can assure me that it will illustrate how to overcome the problems I’m having with GH3 autofocus while shooting video. I have only one lens– the Lumix H-H020, and I’ve tried the various focus modes, both with continuous autofocus enabled and disabled (pressing the shutter half way to re-focus). Sometimes it works okay, other times it fails to refocus on a new subject or change in distance, other times it engages in this bizarre hunting ritual where it first de-focuses before hunting for the proper focus. I’m beyond frustrated.

    Does your guide explain how to effectively uses the autofocus under a variety of conditions while shooting video?

    Thanks for your attention,

    Matt Henry

    1. Post

      You mean the 20mm 1.7 which is a great lens. The 20mm is a decent all around focal length for most cases. However nothing i can tell you will fix auto focus. Generally speaking auto focus is something to be avoided especially if you care about your shot. If you care about getting the shot perfect then you definitely don’t want to use auto focus. The camera is bound to focus on the wrong thing eventually its a fact. Its just how it is. “Sometimes it works okay, other times it fails to refocus on a new subject or change in distance” yea that’s auto-focus for you.

      Auto focus will NEVER replace you or a decent cinematographer so start learning how to use your camera and get off of auto. I’m sorry but that’s my best advice. In the guide and any other guide you will find the same advice. Getting good at the GH3 and being a good DP equals taking control of the shot, taking control of your camera, Auto focus will never be as good as you. There is no camera out there you can buy and then just point and shoot and the camera will be a better DP than you and rack focus and focus on new subjects perfectly.. It just doesn’t work that way. Heck most shoots have someone on JUST the rack focusing while the other frames the shot.

      Instead of getting frustrated that auto focus isn’t as smart as you, start getting used to manual focus and start getting the shots you want.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to compose such a thoughtful and cogent reply. I certainly do respect your view on this, and I would like to increase my proficiency with manual focus.

        However, this is still an underlying problem in that the GH3 is by far the most expensive video camera I have ever owned and yet has the most capricious autofocus I’ve ever seen. I have a $400 Sanyo camcorder whose focus sometimes lags, particularly in low light, yet it is *vastly* superior in focusing versatility to the GH3. It never holds focus on a subject and then spontaneously decides to de-focus the way that the GH3 does with continuous autofocus enabled. Very disappointing for such a sophisticated piece of technology.

        If this is the “reality” of shooting video with the GH3, then I’ll have to adapt. At the same time, I’m surprised that this frailty versus high-end consumer camcorders is not more openly acknowledged. Shooting in a social situation with lots of moving people could challenge the manual focus skills of almost anyone, and perhaps it’s my mistake to believe that the GH3 might be the suitable tool for that.

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          But its almost like asking it to read your mind too. You cant expect so much from auto.

          Casually speaking, If i had a friend in the shot say 15 feet away doing something very cool and interesting and another walked across my frame…NAKED. How would the camera know what i want here. I could want the camera to keep focus on the friend already in the shot doing something VERY cool and interesting. or i could want it to rack focus closer to the new subject walking by instead just in time for the peep show. How in the world would the camera know who to focus on? Mostly likely it will try to do both and get NEITHER etc. as it searches like a maniac. Or it will keep focus on the fist subject and get you angry it didn’t rack focus to the new one. Or what if you have no such nudity perversion and wanted to sick to the first subject completely ignoring the blurry naked friend..

          The camera does not have your brain. No camera will. Its not necessarily a short coming of the camera to focus on the wrong thing, sometimes you are literally asking it to read your mind if you are thinking its going to be rack focusing for you… that’s asking too much. In the case above only you and manual focus could possibly have chosen the right thing what to look at based on your own subjective liking.

          However in the case of nothing special going on and yet it refocuses for no reason, yes that is very frustrating. You should experiment with the focus modes. One of them is designed to keep track one person in the shot even if they are moving around. It puts a square around them does its best to follow them. If you want to be able to refocus even after setting auto, that too is an option, AF+MF set to ON. Just for you i have decided to add a focus tutorial for manual / auto. Ill add it to the guide in the coming week or two. I realize i have a lot more to say on the subject. Perhaps my breakdown of the various focus modes will help you.

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  8. Thank you for your dedication and your great website. It is a huge inspiration to me!
    I have serious trouble with juddering images while panning with my GH 3 and I hope you can give me a brief advice. I tried ALL the different video modes and found out, that shooting 50p .mov 50MB almost avoid juddering. And I did one movie with this setting. But now even 50p images judder while panning. The issue appears handheld or on fluid heads. Either while panning super slow or medium speed. I tried different shutter speeds and I use a 45Mbit/S card. I am not talking about rolling shutter when doing fast pans. Sometimes the juddering even appears when the cam is fix but the object move. Is this a known issue on the GH 3 or is it possible, that it is a problem of my cam and I have to return it to Panny?

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      You mentioned various shutter speeds, this is a huge culprit of how motion is handled! You should stick to twice the frame rate, rule of thumb. In other words 180 degress. The 180 degree rule should be obeyed for achieving the “film look” and no weird motion effects. For example since i normally shoot 24fps i should be selecting a shutter of 48 but closest to this is 1/50 on the GH3. No biggie. If you are shooting 50fps keep your shutter at 100.. etc. It could be that

      At the moment that’s about my best guess if you don’t provide a visual for me to actually see the issue…Please provide me with a link to see an example of your Judder. It may just be the normal stutter of progressive footage or something else. I cant really tell with out seeing it.

      1. Thank you for answering!
        Yes, usually I shoot in twice frame rate shutter speed. But I just tried out, if things work out better, when I change it. Which they don’t. Here are two examples, both shot with the 1.4 Pan/Leica. Settings standard 0,0,0,0 with shutter speed 1/50. Panned smoothly with a fluid head:

        I am looking forward to your answer and hope, this stutter/judder isn’t just normal, because in my eyes then panning is not really usable.

        1. Post

          I’m afraid you are just experiencing the normal motion stutter that comes with 24p, try 30p if you don’t like the 24p look/motion and tell me what you think. This effect can be seen on television shows etc on tight shots like yours but generally not as prominent due to wider views. However it is indeed there as well.

  9. I am still looking for the right settings for panning. Or is it just impossible to pan without judder with the GH3? I have the feeling that when I use AVCHD it becomes better, but of course I loose quality, which can’t really be the solution. Would be glad, if you find time to view the examples and share your thoughts.

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      I’m afraid you are just experiencing the normal motion stutter that comes with 24p, try 30p if you don’t like the 24p look/motion and tell me what you think. Other things it could be is the wrong shutter setting. Please follow the 180 degree rule, use the the frame rate, 24 frames a second use 1/50 (no 48 in cam), 30p use 1/60, 60p use 1/120.

  10. Post

    The current stats are
    Interactive PDF : 156MB | 37 pages | Embedded Videos total : 28min
    With another update or two planned to launch in the next week or two…
    clearly its grown since its first appearance, which was a bit rushed due to fan demands but yea, much better now.

  11. Just downloaded now, happy to see it explores many of the areas I was exploring by myself and quite helpful to get confirmation in many items I was not 100% shure (mainly on settings).

    What should I do to have the embedded videos working ? I have few links like “Click the image below to play Workflow Example 1” but there is white space instead of image and no clickable link.

    The only link working is “click here to download the RAW IMAGE to make your own Before & After” from the Chapter 9 Workflow for photography. This gets me back to the internet side and downloads the picture.

    I have an iMac and use Safari browser, After purchasing, I downloaded the full pdf with right click on the link “Click here to download The Ultimate Panasonic GH3 Guide (Interactive PDF)”. The document is 163,9 Mo and 37 pages as you said.

    (Also tried straight download as indicated (no right click) and I got same pdf and same results on browser)

    Thanks for support.

    1. Post

      I am happy you are finding it useful come back in a week or so for the new updates! Free updates are included =)

      Im sorry to hear videos are not playing correctly, did you also make sure to get flash for your pdf viewer? Firstly dont use the browsers pdf viewer, only from the desktop so it uses the real one from adobe and not some plug in, so yes correctly done you downloaded it “save as” to desktop. Secondly just clicking the boxed area should play the video… not working? I am sending you a few links via email to play them off of vimeo, look for my email at 3:00pm Eastern. To, from osgondar@osgfilms. Thanks!

    1. Post

      Dave please “save link as” and put it on your desktop, if you do not have it i also provided a link to official PDF reader and flash add on. Nobody is having this issue so i am not sure how else to help you. We spoke over email, so i hope this has been resolved and i am sorry i missed this comment. On windows left click for “save as” option, on mac i believe its apple or ctrl click for the same menu, download it to your computer / desktop etc. Thank You for your support!

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      1. Just purchased Gh4 are you going to get one and make a manual or video about this camera, email comment was done without my knowledge kids were playing with my phone sorry

        1. Post

          Yes! I am preparing to do a full featured guide and im considering a free to view model like the GH2 Guide, I really hope it pays off. Its difficult to do a free guide because you never know if it will return enough of the investment but hopefully it will work out.

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