From GH2 Guide to Person of Interest

If you watch Person of Interest starring Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ, The Count of Monte Cristo) , and Michael Emmerson (Lost, Saw). You may find it cool to know the actor i have been featuring in my book, The GH2 Guide for Filmmakers and my Patch test post will be a featured extra on an upcoming episode of the show. It is exciting for us to see one of our own rise through the ranks as an aspiring actor. So keep a look out for him! His name is Cristian Paul featured here as you’ve seen him in my books and other posts:

[break] If you spot him let me know! i would like to post a screen shot of it, if i find him first i will be sure to post it. Cristian Paul is working on his new website to feature this and other short films he is in. So you if you are interested in that, details coming soon. Fow now i am on the hunt for Cristian and when i find him i will post him right here.

Never Watched Person of Interest before?

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