BMPCC 12mm Hyperprime Cine Lens “first impressions” Color graded test

After spending my first day with the pocket cinema camera I have graded some footage and prepared a video from my very first encounter with it. I will post some raw cinemadngs as well below that so you can compare your own color grading to my tests and play along, IE show me your results! I would very much like to see your take on my footage. I tried to go heavy in some shots and light handed in others just to get a range of its natural handling vs where it starts to breaks up. I am very interested in how much this camera can handle considering its RAW and claims an impressive 13 stops from this unassuming form factor. This was shot with the SLR Magic 12mm HyperPrime Cine Lens which i was very eager to test out.

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Equipment used in this video

And last but not least SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 12mm T1.6 lens

Just like “In my pocket cinema test 1” you are viewing the pocket cinema camera paired with the SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 12mm T/1.6 Lens for the full video. I believed or rather hoped this would be an ideal pairing due to the crop factor being 3x. My favorite lens on my GH3 is still my 20mm so I aimed for similar angle of view on the pocket, the 38mm is much like normal vision which makes composition a natural extension of your physique. I always recommended a standard lens for a first lens before getting anything too wide or telephoto. It feels natural to go with a standard view and since its a prime you are forced to get into the eye of the lens rather than the finicky nature of zooms which break that forced element of having to make the frame work and thinking like the lens. The 38mm after the 3x crop factor very much felt like my 2x crop factor GH3 20mm, which becomes a 40mm so there is only a 2mm difference. However i should note the being my first time with the hyper prime it is certainly a very different experience, you get two rings and all manual to work with. Its hefty and solid, nothing like the light plastic feel of the 20mm lumix so that was certainly a step up as well compared to shooting on my GH3.

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  1. Beautiful first shots with the BMPCC! Love the grading! Finally someone willing to push the dynamic range on this thing. It truly has so much to offer with the right artist! Love the footage and colors!

    If you don’t mind me asking what accessories did you use with the camera (if any) such as extra batteries or cards.
    Also, what did you use to stabilize this footage?

    Keep on shooting! Looking forward to your future posts!

    1. Post

      Hi, thank you so much for feedback. I am happy to hear you like my video, I completely agree with you about pushing the camera. This is my first encounter with it and that is precisely what I wanted to do first and foremost. Sure i may end up with less than stellar footage but on the plus side I learn its limitations which goes a long way in being able to predict your post production situation as you shoot and avoid surprises. You must always get to know where your camera shines and fails right away.

      I will update the post momentarily. Thanks you so much for the reminder, please register and add yourself to the newsletter for future posts. I dont email often but at least this way you are on top of freebies, updates, and new stuff.

  2. Awesome! Just registered to your site! I dig your introduction video and the way you have this website set up! Looking forward for more info! Got yourself a true follower!

    As soon as I change my savings account into a checking and get a debit card i’ll go ahead and upgrade my membership to aid your efforts in providing awesome footage!

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Post

      Thank You, welcome aboard. I will keep working on more videos don’t worry about that, and thanks for considering the upgrade it will certainly help. I hope you enjoy the holidays!

  3. Nice shots mate! Did you use stabilization in post? I find when I shoot with my BMPCC my shots look very jerky even with the shoulder rig or perhaps you are shooting with a stabilizer? I would love to hear any tips to improve my technique, thanks!!

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      I used the stabilizer in my links below the video, a shoulder rig is too jerky for me too. No i try not to use post stabilizer in Premiere or other but if i do its VERY minimal because i dont like the effect it gives the footage when its too much to stabilize.

  4. Very nice hand held work. I have the Lumix 12-35mm, but am seriously thinking about purchasing the 12mm Olympus over the SLR Magic 12mm, but your video just may make me change my mind.
    As I understand it, the SLR Magic 12mm takes a 77mm filter which means I’d have to purchase one solely for use with this lens.
    Anyway, nice work and I look forward to seeing more.


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